Certification of production

The procedure of certification of products

The procedure of certification of products — the stages of obtaining necessary certificates, established order, under which works on certification of products and certification tests.

For the evaluation of the quality, it is necessary to provide information about goods or equipment, as well as a package of constituent documents. Where to start and in what order is this process. The order of certification of production is identical for almost all commodity groups, as well as examination of quality is carried out in a uniform way, differing only in the schema documentation.

The order of application. The applicant fills the prescribed form of the application and together with the technical description of the products, the constitutive documents send to the email address of the certification center. A complete list of documentation required for work. By the applicant for obtaining permits can be as domestic company and foreign. The recipient of the Declaration, according to the rules of registration of this document, can only be an organization registered in Russia.

The order of evaluation value. Experts consider the application, define the parameters that will be conducted certification tests. The test procedure is reflected in regulatory documents. Next is determined the final cost of the proposed works, the order of certification, number of protocols and certificates.

The order of conclusion of the contract. Between the customer and the certification center is a contract for the work. The applicant pays in the prescribed manner, according to the invoice. After that, the models were transferred to the testing laboratory.

The procedure for approval of work performed. Specialists are preparing the layout intended for the execution of a document, which is sent to the applicant for approval. After customer layout, issued the final document – the certificate of conformity or a Declaration.

The order of transfer and acceptance of finished documents. The originals of certificates and accounting documents (contract, invoice and certificate of completion) are sent to the applicant. If the customer is not in Moscow, we can send all documents by Express mail. Delivery in regions of Russia usually takes no more than 3 working days. So it looks like the order of registration permits.
Voluntary certification of products

Voluntary certification is an officially established system that applies to those goods, services or equipment, quality assurance that is not a requirement of the legislation.

Voluntary certification system is governed by the laws along with the other operating systems. This form of conformity is usually conducted at the request of the manufacturer or seller of goods at the request of the customer. For example, large retailers in the purchase of a product want to see documentary evidence of the quality even if the product is not provided the safety assessment.

In such a case, and carried out voluntary certification of products — conducted product testing and issued a voluntary certificate of conformity. Despite the fact that work is carried out on the initiative of the applicant, manufacturer or importer may provide the buyer with a document about the quality feature system of technical regulation.

It must be noted that the consumer pays attention to a caveat, as the presence of the certificate on the purchased product. If the service or product not provided for examination, then there is no mandatory requirements, and confirmation of the quality of products is performed in compliance with the security requirements that will indicate the manufacturer or supplier of the product.

The parameters, which are verified by a sample of the goods is compliance with GOST and TU (technical conditions), that is, the manufacturer by means of laboratory testing and registration of voluntary certificate confirms not just the quality of the product, but indicates compliance with the requirements specified in the regulations. A system of voluntary quality assessment in Russia includes schemes which are applied at obligatory confirmation of quality.

What is voluntary certification of goods in Russia

Probably, many will agree that when you purchase certain products, we would like to this product has meet quality standards. To not have in a month or sooner to change the purchased product or to give to repair.

In order to avoid such situations usually conduct this procedure. A system of voluntary conformity assessment is virtually indistinguishable from the binding, as in that and in other case, require the identical documents.

The procedure of voluntary certification of products — the application of conformity mark

The difference between these documents and appearance for compulsory provided the yellow sheet of paper, provided for voluntary the blue sheet of paper.

The certificate shall include the name of a product or service and the company recipient. Also necessarily indicated normative document (GOST or TU), against which verified one or the other products. It is worth noting that differ and signs of conformity.

Reflected on the certificate conformity mark labeled on the contour of the «voluntary certification». Example You can see in our website «Mark of conformity».

Also remember that if You have taken out a voluntary certificate, on the packaging of products you can use the mark of conformity.
Products not subject to certification

The government agreed and abolished the compulsory certification of more than 100 kinds of products, including:

• fish products in packaging
• herring of all processing types
• canned and preserved fish and seafood
• preserved fish
• canned seafood
• caviar
• smoked fish, dried-dried and balyk
• fish, salted, spicy salted and pickled
• coffee
• black tea, green tea
• drinks alcoholic
• water
• products alcoholic beverage
• vodka
• ethyl alcohol drinking

It is known that around the procedure of certification of the sampling and testing has long built a powerful system of intermediaries that help the entrepreneurs to obtain the necessary papers.

The more common list of the certified products still was not, and in some types of certification is introduced and abolished, not only government regulations but also by circulars and letters to several agencies, including Rosstandart and Federal customs service. But a replacement certification declaring more than one hundred kinds of products, from drinking water to school contour maps, is already a big step forward.

According to a source in the White house, the mandatory certification of the same kettles and other household appliances, will cancel the next time.

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