Certification of products

Certification of products

Certification of products is a set of actions by which confirmed the conformity of the actual characteristics of the domestic production requirements of international and national standards. There may be other, as agreed between the exporter and the importer of the goods documents required by international agreements or systems of certification. Certificate — a document certifying the quality of the product and its compliance with the mentioned documents.

National leading organization for certification in the Russian Federation is the state standard. The certification process of the products include: establishment of the nomenclature (the list) of products subject to certification definition of certification requirements for specific types of products, their introduction into the normative-technical documentation development of documents establishing rules of conducting of product certification, agreements, certification of products, attestation of production of certified products at the enterprises-exporters, accredited testing organization (testing centers) designated for certification testing, product testing, subject to certification, registration and issuance of certificates, supervision and control over the correctness of the certification, the quality of certified products), information on the certification results.

The range of products subject to certification, is determined by bilateral and multilateral agreements between the Russian Federation and other countries to import products, jointly developing products involved in agreements on specialization and cooperation of production, in other contracts for scientific, technical and economic cooperation.

Certification and re-certification of production of certified products at the enterprises-exporters is carried out in terms of its ability to provide consistent quality and reliable control.

Commission for the certification of production professionals from the parent organization—the manufacturer of the product, the head developer, of the territorial body of Gosstandart accredited testing organization that conducts the certification tests. Accredited testing organization is the official recognition of their legitimacy to conduct certification tests of the products in accordance with the rules and methods established by the international system or agreement on the certification of specific products.

Testing and certification of products is carried out at stages of their manufacture, final acceptance, when establishing the appropriateness of eligibility certificate, during the period of issuance of certificate and monitoring the quality of certified products, the conditions of its production. It is acceptable certification tests with other tests. The products successfully passed the certification tests, a certificate and it is stamped with the mark of conformity.

In a market economy, certification of products, certification of design and technological documentation; production of the manufacturers, artists for the right to perform the corresponding operation is performed on the terms of commercial contracts. This creates a mutual incentive, meets the economic interests of enterprises and CAS takes into account the experience of world practice. The concept of certification of products cannot be identified. The objective of the evaluation is to assess the technical level and product quality, certification — set up and documented (legally) to confirm its compliance with certification requirements.

The value of certification is that the certified product has a higher consumer properties that are competitive in the international market, fully meet the needs of the individual and society, above is estimated by the buyer is included in faster operation, since it eliminates the necessity test under input control of the consumer, which often takes more time and money than on manufacturing products. The certification tests conducted on the ranges, test centers, which received international recognition, are the guarantee of consistently high quality products. Sign the certificate guarantees the premium to the price. Importer willingly pays a higher price as compensation for the confidence in the quality of purchased products. The participation of the Russian Federation in international cooperation on certification enhances international trade, joint ventures, contributes to labour productivity growth in the production of products that are in demand.

Certification of production in our country is at an early stage of development, but the base for it is created at a rapid pace. The development of new products is subject to the requirements of the national progressive comprehensive and advanced standards, standards developed by the international organization for standardization ISO. To ensure a specified level of product quality in the production of introduced standards ISO 9000, the use of which allows to improve the quality management system of the products used in our country.

In the methodology of quality systems that meet international requirements, a very important task is the ensure organic interrelation of system of the General management under ISO standards and ISO 9000-87 9004-87, with models of quality assurance of specific products provided by the ISO standards 9001-87 — ISO 9003-87.
Mandatory certification of products

Mandatory certification of products is carried out in order to confirm that the product meets all requirements and is safe for the buyer. This procedure guarantees the quality of goods both for manufacturers and for consumers.

By definition of the legislation mandatory certification is a procedure in which the object of certification shall be verified for compliance with the requirements of applicable technical regulations. Objects of mandatory certification can be both goods and their production technology, design and other production and operational processes. The procedure of certification involves a set of actions, formally accepted as proof of product compliance requirements. Currently there is a trend towards simplification of the process of mandatory confirmation of compliance, which ultimately will accelerate the development of the domestic economy and facilitate its integration into the global market. Among the main trends in this area – the reduction in the share of products subject to mandatory certification, and increase the list of goods that need Declaration. The Declaration of conformity is registered in the certification body and is valid along with the certificate.

The list of products whose conformity may be confirmed by Declaration of conformity or mandatory certificate of conformity, approved by the Government of the Russian Federation № 982 «On approval of the Unified list of products subject to mandatory certification and the unified list of products, conformity assessment which takes the form of a Declaration of conformity». This document is regularly actualizarea.

The list of products subject to mandatory certification

Mandatory certification shall be those goods whose use is associated with maximum risk to life and health of people. Despite the trend of continuous reduction of the list of such products is, at present, it, in accordance with the RF Government decree № 982, include: gas, oil, tires, gas turbine, mining, chemical and oil and gas refining equipment, rails and rolling stock, electrical equipment, cars, buses, elevators, household appliances, and baby products, medicines and medical equipment, hygiene products, clothing and tobacco products, extinguishing agents, and more.

But for clothes and shoes, furniture, food products and raw materials for them, alcoholic beverages, cosmetics, perfumery and household chemistry is now sufficient Declaration of conformity of products to normative documents. This change allows manufacturers to save money and streamlines business processes.

Who conducts the certification?

Mandatory certification of products is carried out by organizations with a certificate of accreditation to perform this type of work – gives them Resacralize. These organizations must be entered in the register of accredited certification bodies and testing laboratories. Accredited certification bodies in addition to the certification, you can register a Declaration of conformity, as well as make a number of other documents, necessary for the production, sales and customs clearance of the products in the territory of Russia and the Customs Union.

For certification requires a written application from the manufacturer, as well as a package of constituent documents and technical specifications about the certified products.


The certification procedure is almost identical for all types of goods. It all starts with the appeal to the CA, the filing and submission of documentation.

For products manufactured in Russia will need:

• Application signed by the head and certified by stamp of applicant company;
• Documents on the registration and statement on the account in tax authority of the manufacturer;
• The Charter of the enterprise;
• Documentation for manufactured products (GOST or TU);
• Passport or the manual;
• The lease of production facilities or the document confirming the right of ownership.

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