Certification — what’s that? What is product certification?

what does that mean? This tool ensures that the product meets the quality requirements according to the adopted documentation. Also confirmed the technical specifications and standards. In addition, certification is an effective means for the development of economic and trade relations with other countries, product promotion and strengthening the position for a long time. The documents issued Guarantee is implemented through the responsibility of the supplier for the entry of products not in compliance. At the same time carried out the mandatory requirements regarding the characteristics of the goods or services subject to certification. This tool is necessary for production, which ensures the safety of life and health of people and the environment. By law, the following documents: Certificate. Mark of conformity. Certification — a document issued according to certain rules. It confirms that the product complies with the requirements. The mark of conformity, in turn, it was the rules sign, which suggests that the product or service has an established set of characteristics. The purpose of Certification is being implemented to achieve the following objectives: to ensure proper conditions for the functioning of organizations and individual entrepreneurs in the commodity market of the country, and to participate in international cooperation and trade. Helps consumers choose quality products. Protect them from the dishonorable of the contractor or seller. Ensures safety of life, health of people, environment and property. Confirms the fact of presence of those characteristics which the manufacturer declared. The conditions of Certification is a set of actions based on the testing and assessment of conditions of production and regulation of performance of certain procedures and oversight of their quality. The document is issued for a specified period. The maximum time, which is the certification of the goods, is three years and for staff five years. The whole process is regulated by the government and NGOs. The first monitors the quality, protects the consumer and the environment, support domestic production, protects against fraudulent transactions and false information. The procedure includes the following: guarantees the conditions for the production of certified products; organizes and conducts the process in such a way that all requirements have been met. The principles of product Certification is a process based on certain principles. It: statehood, as are the national interests; voluntary use of promotional products; the objectivity of the Executive body; reliability through the use of independent testing; non-discrimination of domestic and imported products; providing the manufacturer the right choice of organization for conducting the process; openness about positive or negative results after the procedure; installation a responsible Executive entities; different methods and forms of implementation of the Institute. Objects Object called products or service, which establishes special requirements, and their enforcement need to confirm. Distinguishes between the following types: certification of production of materials, raw materials, energy, components and whole products production and technical purposes, or of total consumption of goods; services; processes of use, production, transportation, storage and disposal; complex objects of technical and logistical purposes, which are discussed in the form of systems. Certification can apply to products, process and quality system. The advantages of the Current Institute has a number of significant advantages, among which are the following. Ensuring confidence in the quality. Easier to find the relevant products. Informing consumers about the characteristics of goods or services. Great assistance in realization of the product and its competitiveness on the market. The reduction of imports in this species. To protect the domestic market against low-quality products. Facilitating quality improvement through the installation of the relevant requirements. Stimulating the increase in production level. The procedure for issuing by the Certifying authority the procedure for the issue of document quality systems, conducts the following activities. Steps in the enterprise. Prepares documents. Developing the necessary techniques. Checks the quality. Mandatory certification is… process may be mandatory and voluntary. In the first case, the government developed a specific standard that contains or incorporates the requirements necessary to perform in accordance with the legislation of Russia. These include security for the life and health of people, property and the environment, interoperability and substitutability, as well as other standards that are required. These requirements must be fulfilled by all manufacturers that sell products or provide services on the territory of Russia. The list of goods and services determined by the state standard, according to the law on consumer protection. The procedure is carried out by accredited organizations. The main bodies are: the state standard; communications; Gosgortechnadzor; the Ministry of construction. Voluntary certification is… In this case we are talking about confirmation of conformity to some set of qualities. The procedure is performed on a voluntary basis on the terms agreed on by the applicant and the authority that implements it. This type of activity has the right to conduct any organization that has decided to certify the goods or services voluntarily. It can be implemented in various forms. Regardless of the consumer companies can stamp a mark of conformity, responsible for a certain set of qualities stated on it. On the other hand, certification can be implemented by a third party, the evaluation of the event. But this third party is not always possible with certainty be called objective. Because it is often tied to manufacturers and developers. It is therefore necessary to ensure that it is implemented on. Voluntary standardization and certification is a procedure implemented to ensure that the requirements meet certain standards. They can be initiated by the enterprises in those cases when government is not provided. The need usually occurs in cases where there are objects not meet certain standards and affect the economic interests, as a rule, large groups, industries and services. If carried out voluntary certification of services this means that there are no mandatory safety requirements. The same applies to goods. Thanks to her, however, reduces the number of defective products that reaches the market. At the same time, if obligatory certification, voluntary form it can’t replace. Then it is assigned only as an additional in order to win the battle for customers. The procedure is performed on a contractual basis, where the organ, it is conductive, at the end issues a certificate and authorizes to use the mark of conformity or stop issuing or cancelling it. —

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